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Year 10 Text Analysis: Poetry Photo Story Written Analysis You’re Name: Nick Robbertse Yesterdays sorrow by heath The Poem: Themes, Structure, Poetic Devices The poetic techniques used in the poem yesterdays sorrow were sorrow, end rhyme when the poem has lines ending with words that sound the same. Enjambment was used as a poetic technique which is a continuation of a sentence without a pause beyond the end of the line or a line to me exact, couplets, or stanzas. Emotive language was used as a poetic technique in the poem and it is the ability to express emotion during a poem or the poem, for example a picture that really expresses and artist’s…show more content…
The second picture in the picture story represents sorrow same to picture one but with a person sitting and has his hand on his face and also darkness and lightning bolts coming from the clouds. The third picture in the picture story represents that a new day has dawned and in the picture there is a sun very nice sunset and also clouds to represent that the new day has dawned. In the fourth picture in the picture story it represents a picture with rain drops or a gentle rain which is said in the poem of heather burns. In the fifth picture in the picture story it represents saddened hearts which is represented in the poem of heather burns and the man in the picture is sad. In the sixth picture in the picture story it represents darkened skies which is said in the poem by heather burns and it’s a picture of space, and I particularly chose this picture because the darkest thing in the world is space except for the stars in space and the…show more content…
This song was chosen because it begins with deep sound of base guitar and the sound of the background music in-between the guitar. It is similar to the beginning of the poem as the poet describes the deep sorrow that is shown during the poem. The depth and the intensity of the guitar and base of the music deepens as the song plays on and it start to soften slightly towards the end. The song ends on a very slight light note from the guitar, resembling the wonder that the poet has about the near distant future, as she contemplated love will never happen again. As the guitar fades out in the music, the base is still heard ans it reinforces the sadness that has been expressed throughout the poem by heather
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