Yin Oi Tong Case Study

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Yin Oi Tong is the first Chinese herbal pharmacy established in Penang Malaysia by Mr. Gu Shi Quan since 1796, Chinese Medicine practitioners are recruited there to provide services. Yin Oi Tong provide few hundred types of herbs for the local practitioners, as well as selling Traditional Chinese patent medicine.
The first Chinese Medicine center which existed for almost 32 years was established by Selangor Rong Yang Hui Chun Guan since 1878. It is undertaken by the Rong Yang company which organized by the DA PU people who lived at Kuala Lumpur. The company was meant to helping each other and strengthen the bond between at first, then due to the demand, they set up the center and recruited practitioner to provided treatment as well as burial rites for those who needed.
The earliest Chinese Medicine hospital in Malaysia are Tung Shin hospital at Kuala Lumpur and Lam Wah Ee Hospital at Penang. The establishment of these two hospitals are the beginning of Chinese Medicine career in Malaysia. In 1881 years, due to the
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In 1954 September, the Malay union government started to impose import tax of Chinese Medicine up to 25%. Practitioners in both Malaysia and Singapore believe that this not only increase the burden of patients, but also affect the development of Chinese Medicine organization. Besides, before the World War two, most of the practitioners are from China or Hong Kong, some are from transmission from local veteran practitioners, as well as self-learning. After World War two, due to the reason of immigration control, the engagement between countries reduced., therefore Malaysia started to cultivate own practitioner. Selangor Chinese pharmaceutical association first invited representative of Chinese Medicine association all over from Singapore and Malaysia to have discussion on 31, October 1954. They form the FCPMDAM in 1955 for unity and development of Chinese Medicine. Their contribution

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