Yin Shang: The Second Dynasty In Chinese History

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Shang, also known as Yin, Shang , is the second dynasty in Chinese history, is China's first direct contemporaneous written records of the dynasty. Xia Shang vassal BCCI rate vassal state of tribal leaders in Battle of Mingtiao off the summer after the establishment of the Shang Dynasty in Bo (now Shangqiu). After that, the Shang Dynasty capital frequently migrate to their descendants Pan Geng moved to Yin (now Anyang), the capital was stabilized at TECHONOLOGY have reached two hundred seventy three years, it is also known as the Shang Dynasty "Yin" or "Yin providers. " Shang has gone through three major stages. The first stage is the "first business"; the second stage is the "morning business"; and the third stage is the "late Shang", according…show more content…
Shang in the heyday of slavery, slave-owning aristocracy of the ruling class, forming a huge bureaucracy and the military institution. Oracle and inscriptions record the text symbols has found the earliest Chinese into the system. Also developed a parallel existence in the business of the Yangtze River basin during non-Chinese Civilization. Since Kangzhongxing Summer, when reached Emperor Jia of Xia Xia dynasty has ruled the Central Plains region for hundreds of years, due to the increasingly corrupt rule, and gradually decline. Jia of Xia known as "good spirits side, things fornication, Germany after the summer fades, the princes of the blood in sacrifice," "chaos Jia of Xia Xia, IV and fall from the sky." By Jia of Xia Chuan IV, Lu Kuei throne, he is the last king of the Xia Dynasty - Jie. Xia Jie very brutal legend, people have been unbearable. "Records of the summer of the century", said: "Germany and Wu Jie ignoring hurt people, people worthy of…show more content…
That soup Tianyi, the surname "Son," Oracle said the big B, called soup habit later on, is a great accomplishment quotient clan leader, he was a trader after tribal leaders, increasingly decadent see Xia dynasty, Tyranny has caused deserted summer, they begin to establish a new dynasty. Shang people off before the end of summer is still in the clan society. At this time the familyquotient internal inequality, slavery and exploitation of such phenomena were already produced, but with respect to the Xia dynasty, who ruled to be relaxed, much more ease. Tom also made note of the endorsement and support of the country. Following from the Shang Xia Zhaoxing, about 16 to before the 11th century BC. Family legend has it that the ancient tribe providers Oriental, ancestor deed. Biography XIV to the soup, just off the Xia
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