The Influence Of Cultural Differences In Health Care

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Culture has been described as an integrated common pattern of learned behaviors and beliefs. It has permeated and impacted health seeking decisions among different groups (Chew et al, 2011). People's perceptions and beliefs about health and illness, expectations and treatment choices are largely influenced by their cultural beliefs. According to Loftin et al (2013), it is not rare for a physician to meet with patients from different cultural backgrounds. This has been the case in all departments. From the context of local practice, it is important that healthcare professionals possess knowledge of these cultural beliefs which could impact health decisions of their patients. On the other hand, most traditional medications come with side effects which could be aggravated by potential drug interactions in the event a person combines traditional and modern medicine (Chew et al, 2011). There is a major connection between the cultural impact on health and traditional medicine through the two are not the same.…show more content…
Moreover, it requires cultural support. When it comes to health settings, cultural barriers describe any impediment a person can encounter, for instance differing languages and conceptions of gender roles (Wilson & Mutha, 2010). These impediments that can cause miscommunication between people from different cultural backgrounds remain the major triggers of unsatisfactory health outcomes among Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. Such impediments result in unequal health (Mobula et al, 2015). Studies have demonstrated that the various beliefs, knowledge, and interpretations of value, health, principles and identity make it difficult for indigenous people to employ mainstream healthcare facilities. In addition, there is a close connection between their core beliefs and delays in accessing health checks, follow-ups, and cancer

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