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In this essay "This I Believe", I 'm going to tell you a story of duty about a young girl from China. Her name is Ying Yu. This essay described her unlimited honesty, loyalty, hardworking ethics, respectful to her parents and country. During her life in China, she works very hard to get a great grades all the time because in China less than 85% considered a failure. She moves from China to the United States. During this time, she builds her foundation of success. She is an obedient child who believes in her duty. she is worried about her duties and her grades. she thinks that she must repay all her teacher and her parents and her country what they have done for her. Also, She believes that her duty to her country and her parents could offer…show more content…
As Ying 's story, she wanted to become a lawyer because she was following her parents believes. In future when she will become a lawyer, she will blame her parents for being such unhappy person. She will think that she should be happier as a Gardner. As for me, I chose to become a doctor hygienist when I had graduated from high school. Unfortunately, winds don 't blow as the vessels wish. My grades didn 't allow me to enroll to the medical school. My grades were very good, but medical university required top grades such as 95% and up. Regrettably my grades as 91% considered as a failure in the medical school, so I changed my mind to be a Civil Engineering. I regret that I have chosen the easiest path of being a Civil Engineering, and I regret the time that I have missed without achieving my goal of being a doctor. I could just blame myself of not achieving my goal of being a doctor and I am not regret of studying Civil Engineering because I have learned a lot of interesting thing about the Environment and life. Also, I have had my first business in Engineering design in 3D, Autocad sketch styles. I believe that in future, I will find a job that will require all my wishes and expectations. I know It is never too late because I 'm still young, and I know it is never too late because I have a whole life ahead. My opinion Ying had better

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