Ymca Case Study

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I would respectfully ask that you would consider me as a candidate for the position of Executive Director of the Rauner Family and West Communities YMCA. For the past 20 years, I have spent a great deal of time in leadership and executive management in several nonprofit and foundation roles and have gained a significant depth of knowledge and experience in community development, execution of a strategic board engagement and development, and philanthropic models that serve diverse communities. I believe that as a nonprofit executive with a combined depth and breadth of understanding in mass communications and philanthropy, I am also uniquely able to thrive and navigate in the most complex nonprofit, corporate and government environments you describe for this position.…show more content…
I also think that my added business, language and cultural skills significantly improve upon my ability contextualize and extrapolate intricate concepts and make them more appealing to a broader audience. I can also simultaneously lead a team in specific specialties with innovation, respect, and responsiveness for the families under your care to further undergird the aforementioned endeavor you have so carefully nurtured. I believe the Rauner Family and West Communities YMCA is a place where I may joyfully serve and promote the collective kindred heart and intelligence of the families in the Pilsen and west communities with my gifts and talents. I would also enjoy taking your aspirations and momentum and further strengthen the record and reputation of the Rauner Family and West Communities YMCA as a force for positive change in the community. I look forward to meeting with you, sharing my story, and surveying the
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