Ymca Exercise Benefits

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For the older individual, exercise is an essential element in healthful aging. Research reveals exercise not only makes us (humans) live longer, but we also live a greater quality of life as we age. Stated in the text, "regular exercise and physical activity improve health in a variety of ways [such as] a reduction in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer, depression, anxiety, excess weight, falling, bone thinning, muscle wasting, and joint pain". Everything in the body is positively affected by exercise and can be of a great advantage for the older adult 's well-being. Throughout the Dallas metroplex, YMCA centers offer exercise programs for older adults to begin and/or maintain an active lifestyle. YMCA "Active Older Adults, SilverSneakers, and Silver&Fit programs...are designed towards today 's older adults of age 55 and over". These programs consist of different structured exercise plans, where individuals can choose a program based on their preference of a light or intense session. Of course, those whose physical abilities are limited by medical conditions or poor health must be cautious in their activity level. These people in particular must go about exercise more carefully than others, but they do not have to dismiss it entirely. The YMCA exercise programs are excellent options for older adults to gain benefits from, no matter what their needs are. Activities include cardio, pilates, joint conditioning, and special swim classes that are not strenuous provided with certified fitness…show more content…
Though the YMCA exercise programs offer older adults the opportunity to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, exercise is not mentioned in the Medicare prevention goals. However, these "innovative exercise programs [are] specifically designed for Medicare beneficiaries ' unique health and physical needs". Those who choose to join their local YMCA center and participate in these activities intend to change their lifestyle to get started on a better
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