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After viewing the job posting for the Marketing & Communication position on the YMCA website, I believe I am an exceptional candidate for this opportunity. I am Currently a junior at Communication and media major at DePaul University, where I have developed and demonstrated valuable communication.
Throughout my time at DePaul, I had the opportunity of attending classes with instructors who have worked closely in the communication field. I have learned a great deal from professors who have worked in the communication field, and have come back to teach us the interworking of communication from professions such as, television, radio, business firms and more. I have been able to integrate the skills and values I have learned at DePaul to my professional affairs. Throughout my time at DePaul, I have also been a high school baseball coach for Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy. From my experience at DePaul, I have incorporated skills that include team management focused on leadership development, interpersonal communication, personal accountability, patience, and development. In Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy first baseball season, I was able to lead our team to a winning record and a playoff win. As a result of this experience, I believe that my skills would help in assisting the YMCA mission to develop strong children, families, and communities.
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As a high school student, my high school used the YMCA, at 2700 S Western Ave, for our basketball team. In addition to that, the high school teams I coach also use these facilities for our practices. As a current member and coach at this location, I understand the importance the YMCA has on developing families, and youth groups through extracurricular activities and

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