Ymir In Greek Mythology

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The game SMITE has many gods from many different mythologies. Each god/goddess has his or her own backstory in the game. Some aren’t the most accurate to the true mythology of the person. Ymir, for example. In SMITE, he is depicted as a frost giant, who has long hair and a beard. In Norse mythology, Ymir is depicted as a human with short, curly hair.

SMITE’s mythology of Ymir and the Norse mythology of Ymir, have slightly different stories. In SMITE’s mythology, Ymir was born of the ice in Niflheim melting from the fire in Muspelheim. The water dripped and refroze to create the frost giant, Ymir. In the Norse mythology, Ymir was born from the venom dripping from the icy rivers of Elivagar.

While it isn’t the most accurate, SMITE did get some things right. In both the Norse mythology and the SMITE mythology, Ymir sustained himself on the milk of the cow, Aoumbla or Audhumla. Another similarity between the two, would be when Ymir died. He was killed by his three sons, Odin, Villi, and Ve. When he died, his flesh became the earth, his blood became the ocean, his bones became the hills, his hair became the trees, his brains became the clouds, and his skull became the heavens.
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Given the nature and history of Norse mythology, you can understand why the story has so many different depictions. Though SMITE is a game and therefore is an artistic representation of the mythology, they did do a good job of keeping true to the original
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