Yogam Reflection

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Hi class, last week we discussions on a couple different topics. Since we had a shorter, 45 minute class, we were unable to go into much detail of the topics with questions since the adult bhajhan session. Although we were able to cover the topics briefly. From feedback on last years annual day to the 3 key principals our life revolves around, last weeks discussions were truly fruitful. We started with the review of last weeks story. Last weeks story was on Hiranyaksha, and the principals he did not follow compared to his son prahalada. We learned that the moral of the story was that one desire leads to another. "The desires leading to god ends all desires." Said by Madhavi Aunty. This review was followed by the 3 keys of life. Intelligence, mind, and actions. This was represented in the Bhagavad Gita by Jnana, Bhaktha, and Karma. Jnana is all the educational activities. Bhaktha is all of your devotional activities. Lastly, Karma which is all your good and bad actions. We all aspire to make these 3 principals into Yogam. Yogam is anything offered to the lord. Swami has offered these same things, educational, devotional, and service activities. Every action you offer to the lord is Yogam. If you want to achieve the true power of the Yogam, everything you offer must be for him. You do it for him. Don 't worry about what you think others are doing right or wrong. Once we learned all of this, we were asked to play a game only involving our selves, not to worry about others. We

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