Annual Day Reflection

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Hi class, last week we discussions on a couple different topics. Since we had a shorter, 45 minute class, we were unable to go into much detail of the topics with questions since the adult bhajhan session. Although we were able to cover the topics briefly. From feedback on last years annual day to the 3 key principals our life revolves around, last weeks discussions were truly fruitful. We started with the review of last weeks story. Last weeks story was on Hiranyaksha, and the principals he did not follow compared to his son prahalada. We learned that the moral of the story was that one desire leads to another. "The desires leading to god ends all desires." Said by Madhavi Aunty. This review was followed by the 3 keys of life. Intelligence, mind, and actions. This was represented in the Bhagavad Gita by Jnana, Bhaktha, and Karma. Jnana is all…show more content…
We discussed as a group on what we thought of our selves. We finished that topic with some questions and talked about how we were going to try to get to the next stage. We finished off the core class with feedback on last years annual day. We first went around in a circle and answered a few questions each. Did we like last years annual day? What went right? What are some improvements? Then we went around in a circle and told the class what we wanted next years annual day to be. There were 7 votes for service, 2 for anything, and 1 for play. Some feedback we got was that we should not go back to the people in Yakima. We should explore some place new. Another improvement we should make is that we should make the food healthy and more tasty because of the mass quantities, the food was to oily and cheesy. Hopefully we will be able to address our classes problems in the next annual day. Overall, our core class last week was jam packed with new information. It was very exciting and I know we will all be ready to learn some more next
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