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“ The Last Children of Tokyo”, by Yoko Tawada is aimed at adult readers who like realistic stories. The short story is traditional plot structure that begins when one of Japan’s oldest man had accompanied his grandson ( who is suffering from the after effects of the Hiroshima bombing) to the dentist. In addition, what makes the story realistic is that when the dentist recommends that Mumei drinks more milk, five year old Mumei replied that he is “ a bird” ( 2). This means that he prefers eating worms over milk, and that he dislikes milk so much that he is willing to eat insects than to drink milk. “The Rat Sniper”, is a aimed at adult readers who like realistic stories with traditional plot structure. This is somewhat true because the story is aimed at a husband who finds out his wife is cheating on him in Europe,…show more content…
The short story is about a grandfather named Yoroshimo that persistently seeks medical help for his five year old grandson. When the dentist recommends Mumei to drink more milk, Mumei replies,” Im a bird”, which means that he prefers worms over milk (2). This is because birds rarely drink milk, and instead have a preference for insects.. This tone of the story was changed by Mumei, who used his imagination to answer the doctor, thus taking the stress of the situation out of the story. In response, the Dentist replied that the reason why is because birds don’t eat when the worms are contaminated, then there will be a lot of them since the birds would rather eat the bugs in the air (4). What the dentist is trying to explain is that Mumei doesn’t like to drink milk, but is flexible with anything else to eat ( since birds can eat bugs when they can’t eat worms). This is based on the perspective of the Dentist and Mumei, since this is an allegory to Mumei’s eating habits. It supports that this story is focused on the characters’ psychology and their

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