Yop's Article On The Basis Of Censure Of Religion

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Yip’s article discusses how religious texts such as the bible and the Quran, become a basis for marginalizing the non-heterosexuals. As mentioned in the article, it is true that homosexuals are always looked at negatively in these religious scriptures, but does it give the right for religious authorities to suppress these people? This essay will discuss some of the main points of the article and will tackle the different critiques about homosexuals in the Quran and in the bible. In the beginning of the article, Yip talks about how in western society, homosexuality is still a big issue up to this date. A homosexual, even with religious faith, is something taboo inside the religious communities. For most of these people, they keep their sexuality hidden because of the of stigmatization, while some, denounce their faith in order to resolve any contradiction between their sexuality and religious faith. …show more content…

Both Christian and Islam scriptures talk about sexual morality and how homosexuality is something looked down upon. Because of these scriptures, their followers form a stigma towards the non-heterosexuals. Especially with Christians, whenever they are in argument regarding homosexuality, the use of “the bible says so” seems to be a common statement they use to try to justify any acts against their beliefs. It is clear how these scriptures becomes a big influence on how these religious followers think. In the Islam scriptures, they take what is written almost literally. In the article it is mentioned that each time a person reads the Quran, they have their own interpretation and that is why some followers of Islam scriptures take the actions from the Quran

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