York Cooling King Case Study

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1.0 Introduction The goal and purpose of this research is to study, distinguish and identify the marketing strategies used by York Cooling King in Malaysia. York Cooling King have represented one of the leading brand of air conditioner in our country, Malaysia for more than twenty years and they have maintained their position from other air conditioner companies such as LG, Panasonic, Daikin, Fujiaire, Sharp, Acson etc. Throughout our researches, we have discovered and learned about their history background, product features, comprehensive range of products, distribution of the relevant products and markets, sole distributor and competitors. At the same time, we learned that they are able to hold their position in the market by using effective and efficient marketing mix strategies which are product, place, price and promotion. In this research, we are focusing on York Cooling King M series product to make comparison with other competitor product in Malaysia.
2.0 Company Background
The York company has a long history for 140 years. The York started when 6 resident from Pennsylvania invented an ice making machines which is an alternative to shipping ice from Great Lakes in 1874.(Figure) The ice making machine was then being exported to Japan in 1899. Eventually, York in installed in the Empire Theater in Montgomery, Alabama, a revolutionary comfort system called "air washing," which later became known as air conditioning. The only sole distributor of York

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