Yoruba Origin

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PART 2 (cont'd)

The origin of Yoruba is quite controversial.

Reverend Samuel Johnson in one of his books, _History of the Yoruba_ (1950) traces the origin of Yoruba to the "East", as a result of the similarities between the cultural practices of the Yorubas and the Egyptians with respect to religion, art and tradition. He revealed that the Yoruba by origin came from the North-Eastern (NE) area of Africa (by variation, probably Egypt, Yemen, Ancient Meroe and Arabia). Because of this, it is believed that Yoruba probably migrated from Egypt to where they are presently at about 2000-1000BC.

They finally settled at Ile-ife, after a journey that lasted for years. During the period of their journey, they founded a particular
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One major kingdom that emerged into empire in Yoruba was Oyo in the middle of 15th century which plays a great role in history of Yoruba people.

Oyo was founded by Oranmiyan, the son of Oduduwa (who is credited to have established the present Benin monarchy).

It expanded in 16th century with Dahomey and Alafin who was referred to as "Lord of many lands". Lenders with so much capability and prowess were able to shape the destiny.

Tradition have it that Oranmiyan is brave, warlike and possess indomitable courage.

Sango who was the fourth king was fierce, and with wild temper and also competent in hand tricks. He's said to possess the habit of emitting fire and smoke from his mouth.

Orompto and Ojigi were were skilled commander and power king respectively. The former was also a successful statesman who regained the lost military while the latter was one in whose reign, Dahomey was brought under the authority of Oyo empire. (revealed by Aderibigbe, 1977)

This empire invested greatly in agriculture, and trade in craft and agricultural products. They engaged in distant trade even to as far as Hausa land. For instance, kolanut (known as Hausa kola) is not produced in Hausaland but in
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Using the old Oyo Empire as a case study, the Leadership System consists of four different organs.
They include:

1. Alaafin-Alaafin

He is the head of the empire. He receives advice from the Oyo Mesi before he performs any duty. But it was not under compulsion for him to carry out all advises. He implements the policy of the kingdom. The Alaafin has other Palace Assistants that help him in carrying out kingdom duties like Otun-efa, Osi-efa, and Ona-efa.
I.e, theoretically, He was the fountain of authority and "companion of the gods" but practically, his powers were limited and regulated by Oyomesi.

2. Oyo Mesi

This is made up of seven non-aristocratic Chiefs. This organ is headed by Bashorun who acted as Prime Minister and is charged with the function of removing rejected kings.
The Oyo Mesi depose the Alafin when he trabsgresses against the laws of the land (by asking him to commit suicide, giving him empty Calabash and parrot eggs declaring, "the gods reject you, the people reject you, the earth reject you").

3. Ogboni Earth
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