Yosef Gigi's Tragedy: A Short Story

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Tragedy hit the Rechasim community when a father of a six year old girl who was rejected by the elementary schools was despondant ant took his life. He was found in his car, dead from self inflicted bullet wounds. The horrific occurance shook the Rechasim community to the core, with Rabbonim and community activists blaming the schools' administrations for the tragedy. Rabbi Yosef Gigi, a Rosh Kollel, said that the coomunity leader cannot state that their hands didn't shed this blood. A public figure attending the levaye was verbally attacked by the anguished crowd, who accused him of his part in the "murder," by not exerting enough effort in placing the little girl in school.

Nati Chaik, a member of the Rechasim Council,shared with Kikar HaShabbat's correspondent the diffucult hours that the yishuv experienced since the shocking news was publicized. "For the past two years we were co-workers at the yeshiva. He was the driver and I was the director. Sadly, he didn't confide in me regarding his daughter, whom he had been trying to register for first grade for the last two months, to no avail. In the morning he received
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This caused him unbearable distress. He felt unable to fulfill his role as father and protector of his children.

Nati Chaik addressed the school principals, saying that this tragedy must lead to serious soul searching. A red line has been breached. The school administrators have never been in the shoes of parents whose children have been rejected. Even animals that-for whatever reason- cannot protect their young, run away. They leave the scene. This act is similar. It is an escape. I am touch with fathers in the same painful situation. It is heartbreaking. A father whose daughter will not begin the school year cannot be comforted. There are no words to appease or comfort
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