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Instead of hating bugs or spiders, I hated the outside as a child. Preferring to stay indoors, I spent my hours reading and drawing, dreading the moments my parents dragged me to a field to force sports down my throat. Basketball, soccer, volleyball; I tried all and loathed indiscriminately. Unfortunately, my father loved the outdoors, saving money for exotic vacations such as driving to the tip of Mexico instead of buying the latest iphone. Forced to go along with the rest of the family, I despised every minute of it. Until Yosemite. When I first went to the park, my household joined a family camp. Moaning the entire drive there, I quieted immediately as the scenery changed, trees sprouting up from oblivion, taller than the all buildings…show more content…
To continue a standing tradition in my family, I would hike to Vernal Falls. First completing that trail at the age of ten, I finally understood the power and fragility of nature on that hike. Lasting many hours, much of the hike ended up sloping upward, as I neared my destination. Though, while I neared the crest, the atmosphere began to alter, mist swirling around me as water drops sprayed my face. Shivering, the chill felt foreign, considering I was drenched in sweat, and the rocks slipped under my feet, perilous from the constant spray. Just before reaching the top, the mist dissipated and sunlight shone through, guiding me to my destination. Such enchanting experiences completely altered my view of the outdoors; I soon began forcing my family to go with me on adventures. Once I left the crowded areas of Yosemite, exploring the more obscure hikes, nature encircled me, opening my ears to the little details. A pollen pod bursts as it reached the floor, sap glistens as it hardened on bark. Only in Yosemite did I begin to truly care about the Earth. As a privileged child living in Silicon Valley, nature never seemed a paramount concern. As I explored my home, I discovered the treasures man tosses away, drowning himself in oil and dollar bills. Each repeated trip served only to carve the concern into my heart; the earth would surely die if humanity simply sidelined

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