Yossarian Chapter Summary

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The book starts out with the main character Yossarian in the middle of World War II on an island off the coast of Italy called Pianosa. He is in the Air Force, but he hates the war and believes people want to kill him. He has a clear hatred for many people, especially his superior officers, Colonel Cathcart and Colonel Korn, who keep raising the number of missions he is required to accomplish in order to go home. The book jumps around and isn’t in chronological order, rather it is a collection of war stories from the characters. Yossarian starts the book out in the hospital with a liver problem that he fakes to get out of having to do missions. He meets the chaplain and immediately likes him. Dunbar is also introduced as one of Yossarian’s friends in the hospital. As the novel progresses on, other characters are…show more content…
The plane was shot and Snowden was hit and his guts spilled out. Yossarian was next to him and it traumatized him. An incident prior to this, the bombing of Bologna, bothered Colonel Cathcart and made him hate Yossarian. Colonel Cathcart seemed to care more about his record as colonel and making his men do the most amounts of missions more than the sanity of his men. In the incident over Bologna, Yossarian was still new and it was his second mission, and he was braver at that time. His squadron was tasked with bombing a bridge in Bologna that Colonel Cathcart volunteered them to do. This task took 7 days due to multiple failed attempts, and the colonel was getting upset. On the last attempt, Yossarian knew he would miss the first time so he took his squadron back around and did a second pass and bombed the bridge successfully. However, in this action, his friend, Kraft, was shot down, upsetting the colonel because it looked bad on his report. To compensate for this, the colonel gave Yossarian a medal and promoted him to
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