Yossarian's Journey

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At the beginning of the novel, a man named Yossarian is in the hospital faking liver pain because he doesn’t want to go out in the war. However, he eventually leaves the hospital because he only has one more mission left until he can return home. Soon after leaving the hospital, Yossarian learns that the general has raised the amount of missions required from 45 to 50. Of course, this angers Yossarian. Yossarian becomes so upset that he has to now fly more missions because of his temper. Not wanting to go on the missioni, he asks his doctor if he could ban him from going on them. The doctor says no. The Colonel gave everyone a dangerous mission to to bomb Bologna. He wanted to impress the people ahead of him and make everyone perform this dangerous mission.Obviously, Yossarian wants to avoid this mission and does. Lucky for him, not going there may have saved his life. While the squadron was in Bologna, they were attacked and many people were killed.…show more content…
Therefore, he pretends to be sick yet again. He eventually runs away from the military but is caught and given two options. One was to face a court martial, and the other was to be sent home only if he decides to support Korn and Cathcart, both of which aren’t the best things to do. At the end of the novel, Yossarian runs away to Sweden after Orr to
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