You And Chips Monologue

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You and Chip have been friends a long time and you’re going to end it because you are feeling jealous and mad at him. You need to get it straight with Chip if he still wants to be your friend. Arty you took it upon yourself to put your hands on him because you were mad. Chip had a right to defend himself because of what you did. We don’t condone fighting this wasn’t necessary at all. Your mother and I do not want to hear about you putting your hands on him again or anyone for that matter. Unless you are giving someone a helping hand to get up, don’t touch them keep your hands to yourself. Now get over there and make this thing right between you and Chip!
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Arty, Chip, I am sorry for knocking you down I should have told you how I was feeling. Can we still be friends? Show me how to play football good like you do. Chip, I am sorry to Arty for hitting you in
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Beet, Now that we’ve gotten that settled I am sure we want be at this table again. Mrs. Spud, I am glad they are friends again. Mr. Spud, me too.
The boys friendship grew. Chip taught Arty strategies and plays in football. He became a good player. Arty also learned to express his feelings in a positive way. Arty talked things out with his friends. He also told others how to remain friends, how to solve problems between themselves not letting anger and jealousy interfere with true friendship. His motto became, “Don’t fight, make it right, talk it out.”
Sometimes friends may have difficulty expressing their true feelings in situations or circumstances that may arise in their lives. The key is to express it verbally and calmly. Talk things out with friends, family or whoever it may be and come to an understanding together about any matter. You will find it is a lot easier than fighting. When you feel left out, jealous, upset, or hurt communicate it with words. When in doubt just talk it out.
Chip and Arty enjoyed a long lasting friendship because they learned to talk things

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