You Are What You Eat Rhetorical Analysis

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SP2000-Wk2 Speaking Extemporaneously Discussion
My first scenario is a nutritionist giving a speech to moms and tots in a large family room at one of the member’s home. It has already been determined the audience is moms with their toddlers present. So, the main persons of interest will be the moms. Taking that into consideration that babies and little children are present, I might plan ahead to have a room with someone to watch or babysit the children while I speak to the moms.
Since it has been determined that the meeting will take place in one of the member’s home, I would suggest to the moms for the tots to go into another room and have this room set up with a few toys to occupy them. While the tots are being attended to, this would provide some time for the moms to give their attention to my speech.
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I most certainly would utilize some pictures, and graphs to provide statistics on children diets. I would also make available reading resources for the moms to reference in their leisure. My high points would cover the buying and preparing of healthy foods and to encourage them to start early developing a pattern with the children to help guard against obesity.
With the second audience minus the children and with professional moms, my speech would be a little more intense. Perhaps include a short video on “We Are What We Eat”. This session would be more focused on the moms and their eating habits. I would also emphasize the importance of them setting the example for the children, and teaching their children the importance of eating healthy and the dangers of poor eating habits. The next scenario where I am a history teacher giving a speech on the Vietnam War, which I am a veteran, I would share some my experiences and how this war has affected many lives both here and
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