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Poetry is a type of literary work where authors can express their views on feelings, life or something they feel strongly about. Mark Strand and Larry Levis used poems to express their views on poetry. Emotions can be portrayed in a positive way, such as the happiness that is expressed in “Eating Poetry” by Strand, or in a negative way, such as the sad and depressing tone that is conveyed in “The Poem You Asked For” by Levis. Through characterization, imagery and point of view, the authors of these poems made the readers see poetry from different perspectives and emotions. Characterization is used in poetry to help the author bring to life or describe one of the main focuses of their writing, in this case, poetry. In “Eating Poetry”, Strand…show more content…
He brought the poem to life by giving it human characteristics. Its actions, such as “I tried giving it water but it said no” (lines 2-3) and emotions, such as “It grew sullen, like a toad” (line 10), personified the poem. These descriptions characterize the poem as a person so the reader can create a connection to the relationship between the author and the poem. The sad and depressing tone of the poem and the negative relationship between the author and his poem made the reader view poetry as difficult and depressing. One reason Levis did this was to show readers the relationship between him and his writing. To make these characterizations of poetry more realistic, both authors wrote their poem in the first-person point of…show more content…
The actions Levis used to describe the poem, such as “beat me and took my money” (line 25) made the reader feel empathy for the man and dislike the poem. He created a negative feeling towards poetry. By addressing within in his own writing how the poem made him feel, leads readers to believe that Levis was using this technique to express the relationship between him and his poetry. The authors incorporated poems within poetry to create a more unique style to express their feelings regarding poetry. At first, the unrealistic expressions they used, such as “ I am a new man. I snarl at her and bark ” (line 16-17) and “And the poem demanded the food, it drank up all the water” (line 23-24), to describe their feelings towards poetry, made it difficult to take the poems seriously. After further analysis, the meanings behind the author’s unique expressions, portrayed the purpose of their writing. They used poetry within poetry to express their strong feelings and emotions towards
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