You Can Grow Your Brain Gawande Analysis

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It is clear that coaching has an immense role in assisting and building remarkable workplaces and great organizations. It is notable that people who want to achieve their goals in due time face some challenges in their way. Coaching is the entire process of assisting individuals develops their ability to think about things such as people, relationships, problems, customers and the future. It remains clear that coaching assists people to unleash their full potential (Fletcher, 2012). Coaching helps individuals concentrate on the things that make them get stuck and then overcome them. This paper seeks to discuss enormous importance of coaching by analyzing Dr. Gawande’s views. Dr. Gawande is one of the highly educated professionals who decided that he wants a coach because he wants to achieve his objectives in some of the challenging moments. Dr. Gawande believes that only a few individuals can give their best performance without the help of others regardless of their level of training. In addition to…show more content…
Gawande, some of the creativity is used in coaching so that the coached people are competitive with other learners’ who are currently learning different aspects in different fields. It is apparent that such initiatives impact the education system positively because it helps those who are being coached to become critical thinkers who are true problem solvers (Gawande, 2011). In the article “You Can Grow Your Brain” the author argues that differentiated instruction is one of the important strategies in teaching math because this strategy presents a proactive decision-making process that considers important student learning imbalance and the curriculum. The article has revealed that there are effective unique strategies to boost, extend and teach all students learning and ensure that they succeed in mathematics. According to the article, the differentiation strategies are classroom-proven strategies to manage, put into use and teach math learning
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