You Can T Kill The Rooster David Sedaris Analysis

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After a few of David Sedaris’ humorous essays, I had thought that I had finally grasped his tone as a writer, but after only a page or two of “You Can’t Kill the Rooster,” I had found myself not only wrong, but also in the midst of complete hysterics. The way Sedaris describes his brother, Paul, plastered a smirk on my face that would later transition into a full-body convulsive fit of laughter. Because of Paul’s vulgarity in his choice of words, at first I was hesitant from writing about it, but honestly it was just too darn funny not to. Sedaris’ tone while recalling his brother’s most vulgar comments was in my opinion, pure comedic gold. One of my personal favorite of Paul’s sayings is “if she’s old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to breed,” which might I add, is true. My second favorite was Paul’s way of helping his father cope, with a bucket full of candy. Sedaris includes a quote from his brother- “When sh*t brings you down, jus say ‘f*ck it,’ and eat yourself some mother*cking candy.” Truly words to live by. Like mentioned before, Sedaris’ tone adds to the funny aspect, he develops a neutral yet direct, straightforward tone, throughout “You Can’t Kill the Rooster,” that mixed with his brother’s ill-mannered vocabulary, truly captivates his audience. To add, Sedaris’ persona was much like his tone, was direct, so I found myself more tempted to write about his brother’s persona, which in my opinion was much more emphasized. It seemed to me…show more content…
I think why I enjoyed this particular essay so much is because I can honestly relate to it. My mother herself has a dog, a small Jack Russell Terrier that is fifteen years old (only a few months older than me). Sometimes, I believe my mother may love this dog more than me, as he is just as old as me, only he doesn’t talk back and loves to
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