You Ll Love The Way We Fly Analysis

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In the short story of "You'll Love the Way We Fly", Lori Jakiela described her encounter with an old sickly man on her job as a flight attendant. In the story she talks in vivid detail about who she is as well as the man and the way they interact throughout the plane rides. The story protagonists are the old man and of course, Jakiela. In the story Jakiela decides what she will do about the old man and how it will change her throughout the story. By looking at the evolution of the relationship between Jakiela and the old man in the flight, we can see there are certain parts that make her rethink her decisions to care for the man: which most readers don’t see; this is important because by the end of the flight Jakiela turns her attitude around and thinks about the man and his home life.
Jakiela writes in vivid detail explaining the old man and what
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When you make your living on an airplane, there are things you become afraid of, like germs and crashes and how cold the ocean is off LaGuardia in winter" (Jakiela). In other words, Jakiela does not want to go close to the man because of how sick he is and that disgust her by the way he is coughing. Ultimately her job is at stake here because of the way they have to take care of the customer on the flight, and it is not what she wants to be doing.
While the flight is on the last couple minutes we can presume that Jakiela starts to make connections to the old man, as a friend or as a figure. "I laugh now. I don’t know what else to do. He’s dying, I’m sure. Emphysema or lung cancer, probably, like my father" (Jakiela). Basically, Jakiela starts to make that connection to her father form the old man, who the reader does not know their past. This brings a more family kind of feel to the story as she maybe wishes that her father and herself had a better connection, or they had a good connection and he has passed.
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