You Should Be Reasonable For What You Eat Essay

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You Should be Reasonable for what you eat

Do you know how much calories are in what you eat at fast food. A man named Caesar Barder eats fast food four or five times a week. Lots of people know that fast food is very addictive and this is fast food it should be a treat once in awhile. Caesar Barder should of lost weight but he sued the restaurant, he weighs 300 pounds If you keep eating like this you will become a wrecking ball. My opinion is that the food markets should not be sued. It 's Caesar Barber is responsible for his choses.

Caesar Barber got heavier every day from fast food, He is a giant bowling ball at this point. After so much fast food he had a heart attack. Why didn’t he just make a lunch that has a salad or something
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Knowing the nutrients on the mean will help, so get better food choices. some people are always eating at fast food I always eat at home, I have very healthy chose Because of my mom cooking methods. You can eat boiled fish or grilled chicken other than deep fried food. some people think that if you put a sugar stick and mix it with yogurt it is healthy it’s not.

If you have too much food you can have a heart attack like Caesar Barber and mean other people. you get to much grease and all that it can clog your arteries and your body nets those to survive. Unlike stroke which can kill you so can fast food places which can give you a heart attack but that is only if you eat it too much. A heart attack might be more common but you should have a healthy diet or going to the gym every other night. I would not always go to the fast food I always eat fruits and veggies I rarely have fast food.

My opinion on this is that Caesar Barber should not be debating because it was his fought for his poor eating habits.My first reason one may essay was that you shoud not have fast food to mean times. Then I had that it is additive so you eat it too much.Finally I have my final reason is that you can have a heart

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