You Wanna Make A Baby Character Analysis

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near the military camp. One scene from the future shows them interacting with their daughter. Another shows Louise from over the shoulder looking at Ian who is outside her house. She knocks at the window in order to get his attention and gestures him to come over. The following scene from the present shows Ian putting his hand on Louise’s shoulder. During the film their relationship has developed little by little. They have gotten closer to each other. The last scene shows the climax of this process. It is shown in two levels – the present and the future. After Louise gestured him inside the house they start dancing and putting their arms around each other. The scene from the present is shown again in which Louise touches Ian head gently and hugs him (Figure 32). A match cut shows the same situation in the future (Figure 33). Ian and Louise are not only physically but emotionally close. In the future scene he asks her “You wanna make a baby?”. Before we hear Louise’s answer we see different moments from Hannah’s life. This is a kind of visual answer; Louise sees all that moments from her daughter’s life and she is looking forward to it. Although she knows what fate awaits her she is happy about Ian’s question. Thus, she joyfully says “Yes”. The last few…show more content…
First, the Audience sees Louise’s living room and hears her addressing an unknown person by saying “I used to think this was the beginning of your story”. Moreover, she talks about the concept of time and the way memory works (or not works). Consequently, a montage shows her daughter’s birth, adolescence, and her death. That montage summarizes the life of her daughter (maybe less than 20 years) in approximately two minutes. Since the film starts with that montage the audience thinks these events have happened already, and that the story takes place after Hannah’s death. In the end of the film the audience understands that this montage did not show the past but the
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