Young Adult Novels In Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere

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Young adult novels show different tales featuring multiple adolescent characters, going through different conflicts and issues. The young adult novels tend to follow a similar format in which they deal with different themes and conflicts that arise. Young adult novels typically involve a main character, of adolescent age and either gender, along with a multitude of races, who goes through some complexity that eventually leads to them finding their way or identity. The adolescent has to go through tribulations that offer insight into the bigger picture and help them come to some sort of conclusion about their lives. Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere tells that story of Liz, a 15-almost-16 year old who is killed expectantly crossing the road and is sent to an afterlife dwelling called Elsewhere. Elsewhere deals with themes that are characteristic of the young adult literature genre.…show more content…
Common characteristics of young adult novels include a variety of subjects, such as growing up, building relationships, finding love (along with the popular love-triangle trope that many young adult novels adopt), saving the world, and learning something. Protagonists vary through race and gender, with the story focusing solely on them. Parents and adults are often skirted to the background, and more-often-than-not are the antagonists. Young adult novels deal with issues that are important to their namesake: young adults. The genres can vary from horror to drama to dystopian to adventure to magic to you name it. Common examples of themes include finding your voice, finding independence, friendship, love (both familial and romantic), concerns with popularity, getting into trouble, overcoming conflict, inequality, survival, or
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