Young American Generation Screwed Analysis

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Young Americans: Generation Screwed Looking at the article it does indeed put the Millennials into a situation where this generation has nothing left to do, but fix what has already been broken. So what will be the larger repercussions of a “Screwed Generation”? Considering that the Millennials (my generation) are growing up into world full of economic hardship that is not due to the Millennials, but is what they are inherited due to the fact that the generations before them didn’t understand the process of structural factionalism. This does indeed seem unfair for the Millennials; however, we have to be the ones to make it better. On the other hand, Millennials may not have the same opportunities as the generations before them, and they may…show more content…
They are left with the belief that education will get them somewhere in life, but then again when they get a degree there is no jobs open for them leaving the Millennials to seek under paying jobs just to get by. In some cases they are forced to stay at home due to the fact that they are trying to pay off their school bills, so they are unable to buy their own house. This also can lead to people running to welfare for help due to the fact that they don’t have money for the food or other things that are necessary to live. Due to the Baby Boomers and the Gen X, Millennials are left to build up what they broke down. In the end, Millennials may never have the chance to live the American Dream nor will they ever see it due to the fact that our country will only get better if the Millennials change it. Even if they do make the effort to change the economic problems and fix the problems that have been going on for years it is not going to happen overnight it may take years to fix the damage that has been made. For one thing, it will not change in the lifetime of the Millennials we can only hope that we are able to make a difference and change it for the better so that our kids someday will be able to live the American

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