Young Goodman Brown Foreshadowing Analysis

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There are many causes that led Young Goodman Brown to attend the ceremony. First he was tempted when the Devil offered his staff so that Brown could reach his destination faster. Brown Thwarted this temptation using his love of God and the love of his wife to strengthen his convictions. Later on Goodman Brown heard the minister and several other leaders of Salem at the ceremony. This led Brown to abandon his love of God as a means to overcome temptation. But In the same way Brown held steadfast to his decision of not using the staff. In spite of his strength so far once Brown heard Faith’s voice he used the staff for his main source of strength had left him. After Young Goodman Brown’s encounter at the ceremony he changed his outlook on life. When he returns to Salem he distrusts everyone who was at the devil’s ceremony. For example the minister who attended the assembly tried to bless Brown but the minister was unable because Brown refused. He saw Goody Cloyse who was also in attendance quizzing a girl on Bible verses. When he was watched Cloyse he snatched the girl away in attempt to save her from Goody. When Brown sees his wife after the journey he couldn’t bring himself to greet her, and eventually falls out of love with her.…show more content…
The first hint of foreshadowing is when Faith expressed uneasiness before Brown leaves. These concerns stay with Brown and the reader for the remainder of the story. Brown chooses to leave during the night which suggests that he is up to something shady, for it is widely known that nothing good happens past midnight. At the time the forest was suspected to be the home of the devil because many settlers would get lost in it and never come
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