Young Nation Changes

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Changes in the Young Nation During the year of 1790 somethings occurred to the nations and to the people living in them affecting them in many ways. As years passed people started noticing some changes in their lives, economic, political, agricultural, and others. They knew agriculture was the center of their economy, and they knew they had to take care of it. This was one of the most important economic activities, but the United States had too little industry. Also George Washington was the first person who gave some form to the presidency of the United States, he helped on different changes that happened to the nations trying to create an environment with harmony. Even though lots of things changed this did not give opportunities to all Americans. As political parties emerged, the life pf some Americans changed. The doors of the parties of Hamilton and Jefferson were opened for opportunities, though only a part of Americans were able to get them. In the other side ,while Indians lived in the land of Americans there were less opportunities for Americans for them to have a better life since there was a bigger population that included Indians as…show more content…
This system helped a lot with the economy of the United States since it used some machinery. The division of labor decreased the opportunities for Americans because a bigger part of jobs could be only done by men. Also there was the spoil system. System of the political side which gave new jobs to friends and relatives only if the elections were won. This encouraged people to vote, and to look into jobs. Although this gave jobs to people, it only included friends and relatives which decreased the amount of the american population whom were to get a job. They should have found a way to be fair to all the population, so that they could be able to offer the same opportunities to all the population for them to have a better
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