Love Of Parents Essay

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Larenz Mahler U. Gonzales “English Performance Task (speech)” Ma’am Ferlie Rubio “PARENTS” (SPEECH) A pleasant morning to each of you specially to our loving, caring, and understanding parents. The light in darkness. The way in cross roads. The home in our hearts. The path through life. There’s no child in this world is born without parents. A child is the fruit of precious love and romance of our loving parents. In every single day, we can feel deep in our souls the love and care of our parents. We can feel the eternal and unconditional love of our parents in every minute, every second, and every time that we live in this wonderful world. Nourish the love that they give us, treasure the moments with them, and protect the love that you’ve built. Parents will sacrifice everything just for your sake, hope that you will do the same because at the end they will vanish in this world and you need to make your own story. You say “I love you’’ to your parents, you kisses them…show more content…
My mother married my father at the age of 20s. At first, they are struggling because they are still studying when I was born. I cannot blame them because they are the ones who made their own choices or decisions and I was happy because I am raised well. My parents still living with my grandparents because they still studying at that time and the only thing I can do is to be a good son for them. I was raised by my grandparents until now. My parents are in abroad. They are OFW’s. I would like to present my proud parents my mother herself “Lala Merriam U. Gonzales” and my father himself “Rehnand Francis Gonzales”, they are a kind of people with the kind of such pulchritudinous, appreciative, loving, supportive, devoted, and caring. For me, they are the best parents in the whole wide world. They are the most precious gift that God gave me. They are the best person that I’ve

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