Young Siward Related To Macbeth

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Scene 7:
-Characters: Macbeth, Young Siward.
Young Siward: What is your name?

Macbeth: My name itself can scare you to death. I’m the great Macbeth.

Young Siward: Your last hour is close, you evil tyrant!

(They both fight, and Macbeth killed the Young Siward)

Macbeth: No men born from a woman can defeat me, I’m the great Macbeth. I’m not afraid of swords in this life!

Scene 8:
-Characters: Macbeth, Macduff.
Macduff: Look at me now; I’m here to punish your evil soul with death.
Macbeth: You! The only men in the world that I have avoided, and which family found the end of their lives though my sword! Go fight the wind or the sunlight, it would be as the same thing as fighting me.
Macduff: The evil shadows that gave you your powers
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