Younger's Struggle To Reach The American Dream?

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Throughout her character Walter Younger we see him struggle to achieve better quality of life by opening a liquor store which was going to provide him finicial support. From ten thousand to zero dollars the Youngers have learned how important each member of the faminly is no matter what the circumstances and that standing together they could fight any problems even racial discriminiation. Another thing the Youngers have tough the readers are that dreams and visions are very important. Even though Walter lost all the money he still became a man like his father and took the responsibility of making up for it. He did just like his momma raised him to do and that was to fight for what he believed in. Lena Younger was a real example of Black America 's struggles to reach the American Dream when her American Dream was to purchase a house in the suburbs as a means of escaping the debilitating effects of their current slum living conditions but then later was deffered by Karl Lindner ( a white man from Clybourne Park Assosiaction ) who trys to convince them using aggressive tacits to not move into the all white neighborhood.…show more content…
Her dreams were unconventional because no female wanted to become a doctor and get a nob , females in that time period where just housewives. In all A Raisin In the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a realistic fictional drama that explores not only the tension between white and black society but the story is often reffered a sa turning point because it adressess so many important issues un the United States in the 1950s-1960s. Not only that but Hansberry touches on topics such as dreams being deferred. Dreams are important to everyone because they are neccesary for surviving and
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