Your Brain Games: The Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

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Your Brain on Video Games:
The Effects of Video Games on the Brain

Mina Zakaria

Ms Wichert
March 22nd, 2018

Zakaria i
THESIS: Video games are currently one of the leading forms of entertainment and like every other medium of entertainment, it certainly has various effects on the human brain and behavior. Those effects are both positive and negative and with proper time management, parental control, and proper knowledge, people can cancel out the negative effects of video games and harness all the positive ones.
I. Introduction.
A. The current success of the video game industry.
B. The controversy surrounding the video game industry.
II. A brief overview of video games.
A. History of the first developed video game.
B. The early days of video games.
C. The rise of the video game industry.
D. The video game industry in the modern day.
III. The huge popularity of video games.
A. Dr. Przybylski’s research and his opinion.
B. The unique experience that video games give their players.
C. The difference between video games and other entertainment mediums.
IV. The negative effects of video games.
A. An example of a school shooting linked to a video game.
B. Bond’s research and its objectives.
C. An explanation of the general aggression model.

Zakaria ii
D. An explanation of the catalyst model.
E. The findings of
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