Yours, Mine And Ours: A Psychological Analysis

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Physical Development Watson (2012) defines physical development as the process that starts in human infancy and continues into late adolescent concentrating on fine and gross motor development. Fine motor development involves more finely tuned movements such as grasping, building bricks and gross motor development involves larger movements such as walking, climbing, climbing stairs and riding bicycles. In the movie “Yours, Mine and Ours”, when analysing Ethan Beardsley who is four years old, the youngest child of Frank Beardsley; a single father of eight children, Ethan’s fine motor development such as when he was using a chalk when he and Helen North’s youngest were scribbling on Frank’s “Operation Light House” board, he grasped the chalk with ease as the chalk was big. This proves he has acquired the fine motor skill of grasping. Ethan’s gross motor development such as climbing stairs or running is adequate for an average our year old. This is shown when rank request him and his twin brothers (Ely and Otter Beardsley) to go take a bath while he prepares or going out on a blind date, Ethan in the scene climbs the stairs, a foot to a stair and…show more content…
A. & Louw, A. E. (2014) also mentions that sibling disputes and their settlement may be viewed as opportunities in socialisation: they learn how to fight, to disagree and compromise within a safe environment. This is seen in the movie when the children come together at the top of the lighthouse to find ways to work together and break up their parents and to go back to their previous lives. The children were together in their safe environment and even agreeing to work together for their own happiness. Eventually the children became attached to each other due to working together. At the end, after they caused a big fight between their parents and they wanted to slit up, the children worked together to keep them together. They adapted to their new environment and grew to love and accept each other as a new

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