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Malala Yousafzai is a twenty year old woman from Pakistan. She stood up for her rights for an education. There were many obstacles in her life, but she did not let anything stop her. Malala was fearless and spoke out against those who believe women should just stay home to cook and clean, but do not need an education.
The Taliban believed that woman did not have the right to get an education. Malala always loved learning. School was something she looked forward to and took seriously. Her dad Ziauddin
Yousafzai was the principal of her school called the Khushal school. She attended school with her two brothers Atal and Khushal Yousafzai. Malala was always a top student and studied very hard.
Her teachers knew she was special. They thought of
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She received many trophies and awards for her good grades. She received awards for her achievements in life as well. Some of her awards and achievements are a National
Malala Peace Prize in 2011, Mother Teresa Awards in 2012, Girls’ Hero in 2013, and a Nobel
Peace Prize in 2014. As an eleven year old, Malala was even a blogger. In 2007, the Taliban took over Swat valley, but Malala continued giving speeches about girls rights to an education. Soon,

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news stations were showing up at her school to interview her. Malala became a well-known speaker. She marked her sixteenth birthday by giving a speech at the UN headquarters on July of
2013 in New York.
In early 2012, Malala and her father were in Karachi as guests of GEO TV. A Pakistani journalist who lived in Alaska came to see them. She had seen the New York Times video. It was about Malala and her family fleeing Swat because of the Taliban. Before the Taliban had left Swat, they had displayed their enemies bodies throughout the city which they saw as they were driving through their beloved city. The journalist soon met with Malala and her father. She took her father aside to tell him something very important. She had noticed the woman had tears in her eyes.

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