Connie's Rebellion

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In “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, to some, the story of Connie seems that of a naïve girl turned into a heroine, where she gives herself to Arnold for her family to be unharmed. To others, like Tom Quirk, Connie leaves with Arnold in a form of rebellion against society. It could be both, depending on how the reader takes in the words. Nonetheless, this rebellion that is mentioned by Quirk is apparent in most youth and it’s mostly displayed as defiance against the norms. This way of acting is all led by influence. This influence comes from every single factor in their lives. Even the smallest of things can affect someone’s feelings and actions, like a pebble thrown in water, no matter the size of the pebble, it will still create ripples in the water. In the short story, Oates’ comment on American society is displayed through Connie, revealing how in a teen’s life, family problems, youth culture, and society can influence the rebellion against social conventions.
Through Connie’s life, Oates explains this influence that caused the rebellion inside Connie that Quirk mentions in
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In youth generations, teens are more sensitive to things, since they are learning who they are. Family plays a big role in a person’s life; if a person’s upbringing was negative, they’ll most likely have this negative view of the world, though it’s not true for everyone. Youth culture is just as important for young people since this culture is where they learn how to be and how to feel. Like in today’s youth culture, it all revolves around what is trending on the internet and who’s doing what. Lastly, society, which is many times perceived as negative by young people; thanks to songs and media, sometimes they don’t feel like they fit in with the standards that are set by
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