Youth Football Concussions

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From youth football to the NFL, concussions are prevalent at every age group and skill level. The NFL has helped to look into youth football in a variety of ways including heads up tackle which is a program that teaching athletes to use proper technique when tackling a player as well as fitting these athletes for equipment. By doing this, youth football players learn how to properly tackle someone to absorb a hit as well as give these athletes the least likely chance of having a major traumatic brain injury (Goldberg). Goldberg’s Hypothesis was that if you teach youth players in the sport of football the proper technique of tackling, concussions would not be an issue. Although the NFL has helped make dramatic impacts on the youth games including leagues such as pop warner which roughly over 40% of NFL athletes played in as a child, there are over 650,000 youth players in the United States and because of this large number, they do not track…show more content…
She makes very valid point in discussing how the brain functions and if injured at such a young age, can result into greater problems later in life. The NFL has reviewed articles such as Cottlers’ and one’s similar to it, however they believe that it prepares these young men for their futures in the sport of football and it should be up to both the parents of the children along with their primary doctor if they decided to take on these risks and play the sport. In today’s society, this is a big issue with children being the future of the world we live in and some deaths have occurred from concussions in youth sports over the past 25 years. The NFL released a statement saying that “Proper padding and technique should be more than enough to ensure the player’s safety and because of this, contact will remain in youth
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