Vietnamese Youth Gangs

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Student: Tran Luu Ly
Class: 13E16
Teacher: Nguyen Hai Ha

With globalization resulting in the increased movement of people around the globe, immigration has become a significant matter in most developed countries. In the United States, Asian American immigrants, accounting for about 5.6% of the total population (2010), is also the fastest growing group in the States. Similar to other minorities, the flow of Vietnamese immigrants has been rising over the last century, and this group is said
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Vietnamese youth gangs have emerged in many American cities and become notoriously threatening. Some Vietnamese children have frequent scrapes with the law, and even commit violent crimes. According to the New York Times, “Born to Kill” Gang consisted of 70 Vietnamese members, had created fear ripples in Asian neighborhoods especially the Chinatown for generations. All 70 members, mostly in their late teens and early 20's, are known for terrorizing restaurant owners, storekeepers and other merchants and robberies. The commander’s biggest crime was making watches and selling them without a license. He has had a difficult life and claimed that his only involvement is to get some assistance for kids from Vietnam and wandering the streets. If convicted, the gang faces up to 40 years in prison and a $500,000 fine, and the commander who is charged with additional counts of murder and weapons possession, faces at least 10 additional years in…show more content…
According to The New Immigrants-Vietnamese Americans (Do, 1999, p83), Vietnamese Americans who often exceled at most of the subjects at schools appeared to be hard working, determined and carve out for success. Also they are seen as the “model minority”, mainly for the hard work, intelligence and emphasizing on education and lucrative jobs. Teachers commented that these kids possessed great academic performances; the majorities of them pursued higher education and obtain high position in later
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