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Nowadays climate change has affected the living of hundreds of millions people around the world. We are facing the hardest challenge in the history of human civilization. While many people enjoying their life with high consumption on natural resources and environmentally unfriendly things, the rest has been fully suffered because of many catastrophes that caused by climate change in every corner of the planet. Indeed, climate change is a global issue, but the world already agreed that it could be solved totally by local actions, in line with the principle of think globally act locally.
In relation to that, more than half of the total global population is currently living in urban areas, so does with the Indonesia. We become more aware
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Youth become the most important role in driving the world towards its future. At global level, United Nations (UN) has fully recognizes the importance of youth involvement and participation for development. At regional level, ASEAN, SAARC, and GCC have been set their own approaches on youth. The most important one is at national level, how youth are engaged actively and meaningfully in resolving development-related problems including climate change. In mostly Asian country 's youth participation is an ordinary thing to see, but the extraordinary in Indonesia is how young people are begin to take their own actions and initiatives independently and influentially. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago. Each land is connected by seas and straits, and the culture is also abundant and diverse. The youth awareness of climate change and environmental issues rose up by expansive free flow of information directly or indirectly. It is not easy to encourage young Indonesians to embrace climate change as their concern and priority action because of unjust internet connectivity, and different education and cultural systems throughout the country. But many achievements and solutions already emerged such as production of electric city cars, innovation on bio-methane stove, micro-hydro electric generator, developing handicrafts, cultural products and…show more content…
Although it is the Mayor’s program for all inhabitants, but more enthusiastically and regularly implemented by young people in Depok. They are also creating the movement of 1000 tumblers to reduce urban trash volume especially plastic mineral water bottled and others plastic package goods. At the areas of car free day every Sunday, they collect trashes in the streets and promote cleaner city to the people at the same time. They also collaborate intensively with other communities and organizations in the city in order to make change for a better, more friendly and more livable city

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