Youth Incarceration In Prisons

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In the United States prisons there are two thousand juveniles serving life without parole before, the age of eighteen. Only one of a few countries in the world allows children, to be sentenced to prison without release. And, the United States is one of them holding young teens accountable for their actions. But, there is accordance with age, stage development and how their cases should be dealt with in court. There are an estimated twenty-six percent of juveniles sentenced to prison for life convicted with felony murder. There is fifty-nine percent serving life without parole with a first time sentence. For example, there are twenty-six states that sentence life without parole being mandatory for anyone. So may feel, there is a racial issue…show more content…
Advocating that California should abandon the draconian practice. This practice is excessively harsh consequences for someone's actions. Often, held relatively to a minor being punished. Sentencing children without any possibility of parole, not recognizing the differences. There are differences between adults and young children whom make mistakes. Sentencing, these young children into prisons takes away from them, rejoining society. With, Gingrich and Nolan advocating such actions they are choosing to continue, "Right on Crime" campaign. Lowering, down opinions from conservatives who racially charge rhetoric into our criminal justice system. Leading to the misguided information to having tough on crime. (Buskey, 2012)) Fueling, these mass incarcerations rates to rise in the United States. Their motivation behind such retreated is from the 1990's epidemic of violence from a "Super Predator" of children. That very young people sometimes commit dreadful crimes is no revelation. These, myths never came to true a have been disclaimed. For example, in 2005, the Court has declared that juveniles cannot receive the death penalty, life without parole for non-homicide offenses, and, mostly recently in Miller v. Alabama, mandatory sentences of life without parole for any crime. Representing, how children are less culpable than
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