Youth Justice Policy

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The New Labour youth justice policy is embedded between the neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideology reference. These are manifested a backdrop of a social context which is utterly influenced by a culture of fear with regard to younger individuals. In particular these fears arise from incidences such as the James Bulger case in 1991. This resulted in government promise to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. The Crime and Disorder Act (1998) and the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act (1999) were established on the authority of political motivations to govern public services with cost effectiveness. The Labour Government also introduced several reforms within Youth Justice, including a new strategy for the Youth Justice…show more content…
As well as their parents resulted in criminalization of young individuals and families. Solomon, 2007) has also criticise this and argued that the majority of these family are from lower socio-economic background. The imposition of the ASBO on young people were also criticise because many younger offender had to wear tagging in school or in the community. Whereby they often becomes victims of violence themselves as well as been stigmatised. Some 40% of ASBO have been imposed on younger children ten to seventeen which many received breached, while Youth justice (2004) also highlighted that the Parenting Orders have been successful in influence parents and their children whereby parenting programs have brought about respect reference have also discuss that parent Orders have disrupts the life of many young people and their families and not allowed normal protection. On the other hand, The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 have arguable been successful by reducing the number anti-social behaviour of young people and improved social inclusion by re-contextualized the ideas of social responsibility. whereby the individual has to faced punishment However, reference have noted that the management of parenting contracts; and the power to impose these legislation on some individuals, have result in a criminalisation of young people and families of lower socio-economic
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