Youth Justice System

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am writing to you about a serious concerns I have with regard to the Youth Justice Act in Bill C-10 and Canada 's obligations to protect the rights of children. This bill would have a number of negative impacts to our legal system.
This Bill is very important for The Justice for children with respect to the protection of children. Without having a full assessment of the proposed changes in the Youth Justice System for compliance with our international obligations. Canada risks taking a serious step backward on children 's rights.
Fundamentally, the Youth Justice System needs to be drastically different than the adult system, especially with regards to section 9.2.6 Application of adult sentences to young persons. This section highlights
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I recognize in certain circumstances the use of mandatory minimum sentences is just, but the expanded use of mandatory minimum sentences should not be addressed in this bill. This could potentially lead to disproportionate sentences which would increase the number of trials. As this would increase the waiting time the courts would have to convince each individual. The proposed amendments will re-frame judicial discretion in favour of a punitive choice that may not be in the young person 's best interests. The re-framing will result in increased levels of youth incarceration in Canada which could lead to an increase in crime. Therefore, creating a “revolving door” whereby the criminal justice system spins out more criminals. Young people will become more entrenched in criminal activity. The bill would increase the frequency and severity of young person’s having negative interactions with the justice system. An example of this is the United States where one can see the effects of a misguided approach to youth justice. In the United States, where severe sentencing occurs, the US should be the safest country in the world. In texis,…. ( add more here) hree-strikes” laws, perhaps the best-known example…show more content…
Courts have acknowledged the negative effect of naming a young person a criminal. We should look for opportunities to decriminalize youth rather than label them. We should give the children success of rehabilitation approaches, the maintenance of judicial discretion is of paramount importance. Legislative choices that seek to constrain judicial discretion should at least be questioned. The proposed amendments to the Youth Criminal Justice Act in the Bill would limit a judge’s ability to fulfill his/her function in the justice system. The expansion of options to sentence a young person to prison, or publish their name and label him/her a criminal, articulates a clear legislative preference to deal with our youth through punitive

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