Youth Sports Persuasive Essay

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Coaches should teach the children how to have fun, the rules of the game, and leave the strategizing out of the whole thing. Lastly to quit playing so many games at the youth level and spend a lot more time on practicing fundamentals. If you were in a school place and you had a test (a game) every other day and very little teaching of the fundamentals and studying (practices), kids would fail all the tests. We have set kids up for failure in sports by having so many games and so few practices. Shuman3 I sometimes go to sport games in this area and what I see is crazy: There are kids who can’t play good at all. For example the self defense, they create fouls and hurt each other. They don’t know how to make good passes and a majority have trouble catching and shooting. My best observation comes to dribbling. Many of the kids lack in this rea and tend to double dribble. The reasons for all these issues are the…show more content…
There isn't any more fun in youth sports, when was the last time anybody has seen kids give high fives before the start of a basketball game. Also, there shouldn’t be to separate groups in one team. Its not appropriate or fair. It is telling these kid that and everybody knows that most teams are picked because the coach is cool with their relatives. I feel like kids shouldn’t feel like they are separated, but a team player. This way it will be a good example for he kids to help and interact with each other and show great sportsmanship. All and all, there are many positive and negative situations that occur in youth sports. We as adults should be a better example for the children. The most important thing is to teach them whether you win or lose the game, if you had fun in the end we are all winners.If this mentality occurs more often maybe more kids will love to participate and be
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