Youth Stereotypes In Movies

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Youth across the world are portrayed as many stereotypes. Some positive, but more so negative. Most stereotypes that teenagers get are mainly from movies. Movies that show teens, almost always have at least one teen character who has negative stereotype. Ten Things I Hate About You and The Maze Runner are two completely different movies, but they both identify youth in either a good or bad way. Ten Things I Hate About You is about a boy who wants to date this girl, but can't date her unless her sister, who is the meanest girl in school, starts dating. This movie represents many stereotypes through the storyline. Patrick Verona, who is one of the main characters, is shown as the typical “bad boy”. Whereas Kat Stratford, another main character, is not so stereotypical. She comes across as a tomboy, who loves to play sport and has no interest in guys. Kat Stratford in the movie, dresses very boyish; she wore pants…show more content…
Both movies show characters who have bad stereotypes of youth, however only The Maze Runner has a character with a good stereotype. Ten Things I Hate About You just constantly shows teens who are mean, rude and rebellious. There is not one teenager in that movie that beats the stereotypes of teenage kids. In my opinion each of these movies gives the audience, especially adults, bad stereotypes of teens. For example, in both movies, some teens are represented as arrogant, disobeying and mean. Which as we all know isn't a real stereotype for most of us. However, only The Maze Runner shows a good example of youth. They used Thomas as the good example, showing that some teens can actually be kind and intelligent. The movie Ten Things I Hate About You shows youth in a more stereotypical way because the movie constantly shows scenes where teens are either partying, making out or doing other rebellious things. This kind of behaviour in movies are why teenagers in our society are stereotyped
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