Youth Summer Camp Research Paper

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Working at youth summer camps gives you the opportunity to grow spiritually, share the gospel and build a good relationship with young people at the camp. Many individuals will be working at various youth summer camps throughout this summer. Here are some tips on how to counsel for youth summer camps.

Participation in the camping activities is the key. The more you take part in camping activities, the friendlier you will become with young people at the camp. If they ask you to join their activities, you should do so. Don't think of how stupid you will look. Just simply do it for the youth in the camp, and not for yourself.

If you notice one of the teens is poor in a particular activity, motivate them. It’s not good to make fun of them. I know you might be tempted to laugh at them, but try your best not to do it. Because if you make a mistake of doing it, you
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Showing up in the camp with a bad mood will end up hurting your camper’s days. Even if your night was horrible, always show up with a smile. Always take enough rests to avoid depressions and getting worn out. The last thing you want in such an exhausting job is running yourself dry. You can also take naps whenever you're free as this assists in relieving your mind from tension.

If you notice any conflict between campers, don't wait until they start fighting before you do something about it. Whenever you notice unusual behavior in the camp, sort it out with the campers and the superiors. The earlier you solve issues in the camp, the easier your job as a camp counselor will be.

Last but not least, remember to respect your campers, and they will also respect you. Being in charge doesn't mean you should be bossing them around. In case one of the campers doesn't want to be part of an activity, don't force them. Instead, talk to them in a friendly and polite way and understand their situation. Also, remember to treat your campers equally and always smile when you're with
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