Youth Unemployment

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Youth Unemployment in EU
Every fifth young person is unemployed, plus over 4.5 million young people out of work in total .if we compare to the global unemployment rate, this is twice times more..It started from the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, people aged between 16 and 25 have been facing great difficulties with entering the labour market. The highest peak was in January 2013 when 24% of European youth were unable to find a job. Since then, the European Union started working on this issue by different programs and financial aids. Even though they started caring on the issue, the numbers have still remained high, especially in Southern European countries, like Spain, Greece, Croatia and Italy, where mostly 50% of young people are
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Youngsters are forced to seek opportunities in another, countries. Such movements are very dangerous because it may cause Brain Drain. It is referred with losing intelligence from the country. There are many reasons for low rates of youth unemployment. Apart from economic situation, , employment policy and the attitude in the society can be responsible for the situation. Intense competition in the labour market is causing many employers to prefer experienced workers to young people and the potential of the youth goes unnoticed. Candidates face really big problems– one cannot get a job without experience and experience without a job. Youth is at least expected to gain needed skills whit their graduation, but their skills are still not enough for highly competitive labour market.
Regardless of the growing demand for STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), humanitarian careers are highly popular amongst youngsters. Although the amount of skills mismatches varies in different Member States, there is lack of careers such as metal, related trade workers, science and engineering, also (ICT)
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It is often said by employers that many university degrees today remain too theoretical, when gaining practical experience would be more beneficial. In addition, there is a lack of valuable workforce in scientific field as written in the annual report by the European Parliament (EP). Although numbers of students studying these fields do not show very low rates, many of these students ends a nonscientific career after all, because of working conditions and salary rates. Therefore, we reach the question of how can the needs of the labour market seen while maintaining the youth’s freedom of choice in deciding on their own career path?
Apart from this migration is another big issue that needs serious care. Brain Drain in southern and eastern European countries is threat in economy while Europe is facing aging population difficulty educated people leave their countries because they can’t get jobs in their homelands so they are going to the countries where salaries are high and where they can get job and use their

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