Youth Violence And Youth Poverty

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Youth poverty is correlated with youth violence so in order to lower youth violence and help children succeed we must combat the problem of poverty. The factors that cause poverty are a combination of the structural context of neighborhoods and individual level factors (Chonody). Structural factors would be issues like mobility, urbanicity, and degree of disadvantage (Chonody). Individual factors would be things like low self-control, exposure to deviance, and weak relationships (Chonody). When we look at the situation from a macro level we find that the United States, although a wealthy nation, has the largest poverty rate and the biggest gap between rich and poor of all developed countries (Kramer). The United States provides less government…show more content…
Social control “involves all the actions and constraints used in an effort to control another individual’s behavior (to make him or her conform to social norms) that fall outside of formal, legal, and bureaucratic systems” (Kramer, pg. 126). All societies have social norms and ways of operating that aren’t following any specific formal or legal guidelines. A study done in Philadelphia with youth in poverty revealed that low-income communities often develop a culture shaped by acceptance, normalcy, and incapacity (Chonody). Youth value being accepted and when community institutions, like schools, are not able to provide them with support and connections they will turn to other places. Often low-income communities do not view the police and courts as their protectors so they often establish their own systems of justice and crime control (Chonody). This often involves violence. The community institutions like the police are unable to enforce community norms that eliminate violence…show more content…
As a child grows up it is harder to have good family management. As a child becomes an adolescent having clear family routines and also nurturing the child’s growing autonomy is beneficial (Antunes). Violence can have lasting negative impacts on children and having a family that cares for them can help prevent that (Antunes). The problem is it is hard for many parents in low-income communities to support their children given their lifestyle. Lack of parental care and nurture perpetuates violence especially if the relationships within the family are already abusive (Kramer). Every family is influenced by their surroundings. What goes on inside a family cannot be separated from the forces affecting it at large (Kramer). A family living in poverty can easily be swept up by the norms of violence and illegal activity. Even if they are trying hard to be nurturing parents the environment and lifestyle is less conducive to parents having time to be involved in their children’s lives. Not only do youth need support but so do their

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