Cause And Effect Essay On Youth Violence

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Youth violence has affected my life because from seeing all the violence at a young age I can already be scared for life. Growing up I heard all the terrible things that kids do, that people do, that the whole world does. It’s sad to see all the bullying that people do, kicking, punching, even stabbing. It doesn’t even have to be physical, a person can commit suicide from being harassed. If someone gets berated every day they get the feeling that they aren’t loved making them think that they are better off dead. There are tons of reasons that people can result in violence, from illnesses to media influence. Let’s start with the most common reason for youth violence; the media. The media contains all sorts of violence some in the form of cartoons some…show more content…
If a friend were to die in a car crash that they were involved in they might get angry that it couldn’t be them. Another example is that if their dad or family member went overseas to go to war and they died they might be mad at the world and remove themselves from society causing them to not develop social skills and not be able to differentiate right from wrong. There are many ways to prevent youth violence. One of which is a program that reduces the use of drugs and alcohol abuse, called Life Skills Training (LST) it’s designed to reduce gateway drug use. The program includes three parts: self-management skills, social skills, and information and skills related specifically related to drug use. Research shows that a good percentage of people that take that program stop using drugs. Another program is the Midwestern Prevention Project which targets middle school students. The program has 5 major parts that take course over 4 years: mass media program, school program, parent education and organization, community organization, and local health policy. The school program is the foundation of the project. This project has shown to reduce smoking and marijuana

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