Youtube Negative Effects

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Youtube Youtube is a website to share videos, we can upload video, download video, and we can share video on youtube. Youtube is an one of social media, that we used everyday. Everyone always use internet everyday and everytime, they always use social media including youtube. From youtube we can get any information, many newssports, musics, and etc. The latest information and news is on youtube. Social media gives a negative impact for humans one of them is youtube. The negative effect of youtube is like making people anti social. From the frequency of humans using youtube, people are getting busy with themselves. Humans are busy using their smartpohnes, so humans no longer socialize directly or manifestly. Humans feel that the things humans do in their smartphones are more important than the real life they are experiencing. For example like when we are gathering in a community, we play more smartphones, rather than talking to others. Quite different from ancient times when humans still rarely use…show more content…
Lots of people who have experienced it and have many peple who are harmed because of it. But youtube can also benefit many peple, such as helping many things such as introducing themselves or goods that we will sell, get motivations to build the spirit and get information about the circumstances that occur around us today. Youtube can be a regular job and earn enough. Youtube also makes people famous and getting known by many people. So it can facilitate the promotion of an item or advertise something if we are already known by many people, then whatever we promote, will certainly be bought by many people because it is known and trusted. So use existing social media, one of them is youtube. Use it well and wisely, so as not to cause adverse effects for many people and or yourself later. Use youtube properly to be useful for many
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